Sushi Box, Newlands

Price Range: 7.5/10 (Certainly not one of the cheaper sushi spots)
Type: Small Sushi Bar
Crowd: Very quiet (but it was a Sunday)
Service: 4/10
Day Of the Week: Sunday Afternoon
Address:  Cardiff Castle, Kildare road, Newlands, Cape Town
Unique Aspects: 
Good quality sushi

As a destination for eating out, I would unfortunately not recommend sushi box as it’s interior is incredibly minimalist with washed white chip-board furniture and a fairly basic service set-up. However it could suffice for well as a sushi take-away venue.

Unfortunately  I also did not get a rising sense of professionalism from the staff who were snacking on their own food while taking my order (although in the restaurants defense it was late on a Sunday and it could have likely been a skeleton staff).

What I was very impressed by was the quality of the sushi, very fresh and well made – so kudos to them. If you are not ordering the usual sushi menu specials,  be prepared to spend some money though, as any “specialty” items come in at a cool R75 or more.

As far as I can tell from their positioning, SushiBox is trying to position itself within the boutique style stablishment’s surrounding them, namely Wine Concepts, Gogo’s deli and Cassis. I am weary though that they have gone about this the wrong way by simply putting a low cost installation in a prominent area and hoping the allure of the area would be transferred to its brand but in my opinion, I feel they have fell well short of achieving this.

I am not certain that I would return, but I implore you to give it a go and give me your thoughts.




Would dig to hear your thoughts!

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