Julep Cocktail Bar, CBD

Price Range: 6/10 (prices you’ll pay at your usually bar)
Type: Lounge / Bar
Crowd: A bit of everything… but mostly an indie type crowd
Service: 5/10
Day Of the Week: Friday night
Picks-up around 21h30 22h00
Address:  Vredenburg Lane  (Down an alley just off the upper end of long street)
Unique Aspects:
Slightly hidden away and very relaxed

May favourite place on Long at the moment (and has been for a while now). There isn’t anything particularly breathtaking about Julep but what it lacks in wow-factor it more then compensates for in character. It has a rustic and simplistic feel to it. You’ve got your sofa’s, a small bar in the corner and the music is supplied by an iPod manned by the bar tender. You may get a mix of music but you ease into the place so effortlessly, you avoid nitpicking on the music and enjoy the company you are with.

Having said this, as people tend to be there with some mates catching a few before the night out you shouldn’t expect to go there and meet people. This is not to say that people are unfriendly… Julep has a very chilled ambience and the crowd are all having their own fun so get in there, take a seat and kick back.

Website: http://www.julep.co.za/


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