The Bombay Bicycle Club, Gardens

Price Range: 7.5/10
Type: Restaurant/ Bar
Crowd:  A little bit hipster/ A little bit foreign / A little bit normal
Service: 5/10
Day Of the Week: Tuesday
Time: 21:00pm
Address:  Top of Kloof Street, Gardens
Unique Aspects:

A true Madame Zingara property, where it is all about the decor, experience, staff and culture, which are all a little bit out there, flipping the normal dining model on its head.

The food I wouldn’t write home about, nor would I say that the service was very good, but from an experience point of view, I would recommend it. The quirky nature of the place is truly unique and the mad hatter set-up of little nooks and crannies hiding tables and chairs hanging from the roof is something to behold.

Drink specials are available from 4pm to 6pm I beleive as well as after 10pm. Apparently the ribs are also amazing, but I was told this by a waiter and they were quite expensive so it may have just been a sales pitch. If you do find out though, I would live to know!



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