The Grand Cafe & Beach, Granger Bay

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Down
Price Range: 10/10
Type: Super chic beach bar
Crowd: Those with a lot of spare change to drop (Cape Town’s glitterati and tourists)
Service: 3/10
Day Of the Week: Friday
Time: 8:30pm
Address: Granger Bay Road, Cape Town
Unique Aspects:

This post refers only to the beach and bar –  I had no experience of the restaurant but from what I saw the food looked of a very high standard and the waiting staff also looked on the ball.

I am afraid my pleasantries are few on this specific post. Perhaps it was just this one experience, but the service was non-existent and the prices were outrageously high – how the majority of locals could frequent this spot I am not sure.

On a positive note, beautiful venue, very similar to something you would experience in Croatia or Greece. Couches on the beach with house music gently floating through the speakers. Peering out on to the Atlantic ocean not more than 5 metres from your feet, it is a pretty special way to end a day of city living.

Website: (Be aware of the epic music)


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