Club 31, City Centre

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Price Range: 8/10 (Entrance at R60 for guys if they are not “full”)
Type: House-Dance-Hip/Hop Nightclub
Crowd:  Very Mixed – Slightly Older Crowd – Can be a bit flashy/ pretentious
Service: It’s a bar and they want your money.
Day Of the Week: Saturday
Time: 1:30am
Address: 31st Floor ABSA Building,
Unique Aspects:

This is a very interesting one. The night can be awesome or average depending on who turns up and how you get treated. Saturdays are better in my opinion due to a better crowd and one of the nice things about Club 31 is the good mix of locals and foreigners which always provides for a good laugh. The views over the city are also pretty epic which adds another dimension to your night.

Last note on age restrictions, guys gotta be over 25 and girls over 23. 


2 responses to “Club 31, City Centre

  1. Club 31 has actually become a lot more lie it was in the days of Hemisphere, where on Friday nights, the crowd is completely mixed, young, old, you name it – and the music played is a mix of pop/house/hip-hop. Beware though, things can be expensive.

  2. Also not entirely sure about the age restriction as there seems to be a mixed bag of ages on Friday nights.

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