Sidewalk Cafe, Vredehoek

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Down
Price Range: 8/10
Type: The name says it all, it is the quintessential sidewalk cafe.
Crowd:  Cape Town city locals, mostly suburban Vredehoek crowd – all ages and all types
Service: 5/10
Day Of the Week: Saturday
Time: 11:am
Address: 39 Derry Street
Unique Aspects:

Sidewalk Cafe is a great brand, as are all of the Madame Zingara properties – well decorated and unique. The menu is interesting but a little lacking in some aspects I feel. The crowd is very chilled, normally just a mix between families and hipsters, but always full which I think is down to the fact that they are doing it right.

I felt the service lacked a little and the food tried to be too fancy, at the expense of it being good which was why it has been given a thumbs down unfortunately. I look forward to others views as I fell Sidewalk Cafe has a lot of potential and perhaps my visit was just an unfortunate one.



Would dig to hear your thoughts!

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