The Leopard Bar, 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa, Camps Bay

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Price Range: 8/10 (Although very reasonably priced for beers, ciders and some cocktails)
Type: Light Snack Lounge/ Luxury Bar
Crowd:  Wealthy International Crowd with pockets of South African eager to enjoy an opulent bar experience
Service: 10/10
Day Of the Week: Saturday
Time: 8:30pm
Address: Victoria Road, Camps Bay
Unique Aspects:

An absolute gem is the only way to describe the Leopard Bar. My appreciation for the way that the 12 Apostles Hotel do not take favour of those whose pockets look more heavily lined than others is what sets them apart from any other up-market restaurant/ bar with which I have ever come into contact. The bar is welcoming to non-hotel guests and an outing to the Leopard bar involves receiving 5 star service of the most friendly degree, coupled with delicious cocktails, reasonably priced drinks, a smattering of tasty table snacks, great atmosphere and views of the fresh Atlantic Ocean and not another establishment in sight.

My respect goes out to the hotel for the way in which they carry out their business and I truly feel that  a trip out to the Leopard bar is good for the soul.



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