Hudsons, Kloof Street

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Price Range: 7/10
Type: Above and beyond, It’s a burger joint!
Crowd: The inner city crowd, from retro to suits to casual diners, all are welcome and all feel welcome!
Service: 7/10
Day Of the Week: Tuesday
Time: 9:30pm
Address: 69a Kloof Street, Gardens
Unique Aspects:

If you wanted to be reminded of what a good wholesome burger should taste like, Hudsons is by far your best bet. The 180g or 250g beef patty has that “real meat factor” (unlike the excuses you will find yourself eating at most other restaurants) and the combinations to accompany your patty are as unique, including chili poppers, onion marmalade, blue cheese sauce and so the list goes on.

The burgers are in fact so delicious that Hudsons is confident enough to serve them on their own which means if you are looking for fries or onion rings, you are going to need to order them separately.



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