Headquarters (HQ), City Centre

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Price Range:
 High(ish) (Food and Booze are at the upper-scale)
Type: Restaurant / cocktail bar
Crowd:  Mostly working professionals, with a couple of rich oldies thrown in the mix
Service: Average, as things pick up the service gets slows (as well some guys keeping trying to chat up the waitrons)
Day Of the Week: Friday night
Time: Picks-up around 22h30-23h00
Address:  Right next to the Cape Heritage Hotel, Just off Bree Street in Town
Specials: Not really, just ask what their meal of the evening is…
Unique Aspects:

Very cool chic interior layout



One response to “Headquarters (HQ), City Centre

  1. This place was very cool and the food was legit, but you have to have some bucks in your back pocket. Digged the fact that they come around halfway through your meal to top you up on some stuff!

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